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Often, it becomes difficult for people who have just become parents, as they are unaware about aspects of parenting and suffer in finding a solution to their problems alone. It is true that other parents and relatives often share their piece of advice about parenting but practically it becomes very vague and unclear. The endless tasks of parenting keep on escalating and so do the stress and tension in young parents. This leads to a lot of time waste and confusion. Somewhere, it becomes necessary for parents to seek practical solutions in order to focus on proper care of their child, as well as resume their work since time is precious and parents cannot afford loss of time and the well-being of their child/children. Therefore, the idea behind the app is to provide quality parenting services in order to ease the mind and personal/work lives of parents.



I prepared a set of 9 important questions for a survey on Google forms and distributed it amongst new parents(especially where both work) online in order to get a better understanding of what the actual problem could be, and to my amazement, the results are totally different to what I perceived them to be. This also helped me avoid guesswork and work on the real statistics.

Quotes from parents

“If I am working, then I’ll hire a professional babysitter because she is well trained to handle the baby in difficult situations. If I’m not working then I’ll not hire a nanny.”

“Physically handling a baby needs assistance. So doing household and other jobs , definitely need helping hands.”

“Help is always good to working mothers.”

“A baby-sitter would be a perfect idea for me to resume my work.”

Possible Services by the app

What is the need of the hour?

The need for working parents right now is to get professional physical help so that they may be able to resume work and not worry about where they would keep their baby in the meanwhile. Handing your babies to the creche is undoubtedly affordable but the hassle of getting the baby back home after a tiresome day at work is endless. One of my respondents mentioned “I would rather train my house help in a way to handle the baby” who I think has a point. Imagine, if house-helps, maids, unemployed women could actually be taught professional babysitting and help them earn a living for themselves, wouldn’t that be helpful for both sectors of the society? Afterall, for how long will new parents leave their kids with aunts, neighbours, etc. when they would have a professional babysitter who could also accompany them to social gatherings where parents are more worried about how they would handle their children than enjoy the gathering.

Meanwhile, the app will also aid in baby-diet i.e. prepare a proper baby-diet and show baby-recipes according to the age of the baby.
— First 2 weeks
— from 6+ months
Until 5 years of age

Name of the app



To make parenting easy and fun at the same time by providing services like babysitting and homemade diet-plans. Moreover, the app aims to provide employment to single as well as married women who would like to babysit for somebody.


To encourage new parents to view parenting in a modern outlook, which would help them resume their professional lives.



User Persona

User Personas are always a good way to have a better idea about the broader aspect of the target audience.

User Journey

To have an even better understanding of what the user experiences on a daily basis, I scripted a user flow of my persona’s daily routine.

Name and Logo Ideations

Verb- to hold somebody/something carefully and gently in your arms.



I created a storyboard describing my user’s experience with the app. This is a great tool to explore how the product will be used in a larger context, as if it was a part of a bigger narrative.

Navigation Flow

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Style Guide

Prototype : Parent/Guardian

Prototype: Babysitter

Life is good.